Tuticorin, the actual Tamil name for it is Thoothukudi. It means sweep and eat. I have heard someone saying that the port and railway station were places where people used to sweep the fallen rice, other grams and grains and make their living… I don’t know if it is true .

Tuticorin is a natural habor, is also called as Pearl city… Pearls were harvested from the ocean here but few decades back, it was stopped and may be there are no more pearls too… There is a port trust and the harbour is second largest in tamilnadu. When Chennai was flooded business happened through Tuticorin. Due to the harbour, lot of lorry services and c&f agents operate in this town. There are many industries here. SPIC – Fertilizer manufacturing company, TAC – Alkaline chemicals company, Heavy Water – a government company, Port trust, Madura coats are few of the big names. Though most of these are either sick units or partially operational now, once upon a time they ruled this town. Tuticorin also has a thermal power plant. Most of these prominent companies have provided their employees with housing facilities.

There are many schools and colleges as well… Holy Cross, st Thomas, Victoria girls school, sakthi vinayagar, star school are age old schools and now flocked by many more schools and colleges. Fisheries college is very famous. Major attractions are beach which is quite clean, couple of shopping places, matha church is very famous and yearly once there is a major festival called Our Lady of Snows Shrine Basilica festival, which is attended by people all around the world. There is a Shiva temple and a Vishnu temple adjacent to each other. Of course, in terms of food, sea food is very famous and lot of this gets exported too. Porucha roti, which is oil fried parota is very famous with its salna. Macroons is a famous dessert made only of sugar, cashews and egg whites. It is more like puffed cookies which just melts in the mouth. One should try it in Ganesh bakery.

There are no rivers or big lakes or ponds, so mostly Tuticorin is a dry land. Major occupation is salt pans. Sea water is pumped and sun dried to extract salt out of it.

There are two bus stands – old and new and two railway stations – keelur and melur. The city is expanding and near by is a village called Milavittan which houses the company called as Sterlite.

Thirunelveli is another famous south Indian town which is located at 1 hr travel from tuticorin. Other major towns near Tuticorin are Thiruchendur – religious place for God Murugan – surasamkaram is a famous festival among the others, Ettayapuram – birth place of great peot Bharathiyar, Nava tirupathi is a set of nine temples of God Vishnu in and around few kms distance, Vana tirupathi is a temple built and maintained by the owner of hotel saravana bhavan, kulashekarapattinam is famous for its dasara festival. Ottapidaram – birthplace of VOC, he owned a ship during British period and was a famous freedom fighter, panchalankurichi famous town of Veerapandiya kathaboman another freedom fighter king.

Tuticorin has a sea route to srilanka and pre independence there were lot of people who worked in Ceylon and lived in and around Tuticorin. Few years back a fiery service was started via tuticorin. Thus stands the corporation of tuticorin … As far as my knowledge goes… 🙂